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Giggles laughs at proper apostrophe usage!

Librarian/Grammar Geek Jennifer writes:

Teach your baby to misuse apostrophes! It’s never to early to start!

This was haunting me at a Target store in Ann Arbor. I kept seeing it every time I went there (which is, um, a lot). Finally I took a picture of it and then hid it behind some tax prep software.

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Anonymous says:

I’m with Mr. Tremblay on this one.

Anonymous says:

I thought the “let’s babies” thing was a suggestion… like, babies was a verb…

Francois Tremblay says:

Maybe it was written by a baby and he means “let’s (us) babies tap on the computer!”

Chris says:

Jennifer: Gotta love this crowd…

(and, I didn’t notice the mistake until I had already posted it) 😉

Jennifer says:

Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed. But wow. Not a lot of tolerance for typos here, is there?

Blue says:

LMAO! Oops.

Anonymous says:

aww you beat me TO it.

Anonymous says:

Jennifer: It’s never too late to learn the difference between “to” and “too.”