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Food-related odds and ends

Here are some food-related submissions that I’ve been sitting on for a while:

Spotted in Salinas, CA:

(Thanks, Becky!)

Spotted at the Kansas State Fair:

(Thanks, Chandra!)

Seen via Google Adsense:

(Thanks, Tim!)

Finally, this bonus photo, which has absolutely nothing to do with apostrophe abuse:

(Thanks, Greg!)

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Blue says:

The last photo was the best, imo.

Rickosound says:

“Abbreviations and initialisms that end in a period should use ‘s to form the plural”

Says who? Can’t find that one in any stylebook I own.

Mr Debakey says:

This Friday & Saturday
at the El Macombo
see The Differents!

Come alone or in a bunch

Only 2 bucks!

apostrophism says:

The ‘s for initialisms is one of those rules that has become sort of superfluous (and I’m an editor, so I don’t say that lightly). There’s no need for it, especially when the initials are capitalized anyway.

Anonymous says:

The second example – “I.D.’s” – actually isn’t an abbreviation issue. Abbreviations and initialisms that end in a period should use ‘s to form the plural. Writing I.D. instead of ID is a bit questionable, but I don’t think there is a clear rule on this.

goulo says:

Maybe the restaurant owner’s name is Taco? 🙂

Anonymous says:

Regarding the Salinas sign: don’t neon signmakers charge by the character? You’d think the signmaker would have brought the error to the attention of the restaurant owner at the time the sign was ordered, to save money and spare the embarrassment. 🙂