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Playing Catch Up

Here are some submissions that I found sitting in my Spam folder — thanks, GMail!

…gotta be fake, right?

Other Famous Billy’s!

I guess you could force this one to mean it’s a dance for 4 time Grammy nominees that lasts all night…

(Thanks to Peter, Amy, and Lois)

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  1. FlagFreak says

    Yay! Remember me? I’m the one who sent you the “DONT’T DRINK AND DRIVE” one! I thought it was so funny! I love your site!

    -FlagFreak, Flag Designer

  2. idontblog says

    I think I’ve seen the DD&D sign in an email b4.
    Nice call on the ‘all night dancers’. lol

  3. Joshua says

    I’m not sure how I feel about famous “billy’s.” I agree that the apostrophe is wrong, but I think that pluralizing names is something most people struggle with. If Billy weren’t a proper name, (as in, say, billy goats) it would be plurazlied as billies. But since it’s a name, it doesn’t seem correct to alter the spelling to create a plural, so Billys would then be the proper spelling. But Billys looks less like several billys than one person named Billys (rhymes with Phyllis) — so Billy’s ends up as a tortured kind of compromise. I have long suffered from a phobia of pluralizing names (I now stick to a rigid, unbreakable code of rules that people often tease me about, not only in pluralizing but also in possessives. I cannot stand to even look at “Gonzales’” used as a singular plural, but most people find my preferred Gonzales’s awkward to read and say) that I can sympathize with the Famous Billy’s lady.

  4. Jason Crawford says

    Also, “4-time” should be hyphenated.

  5. Rachel says

    DONT’T DRINK AND DRIVE is a test. If you think it looks OK, you’re too drunk to drive.

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