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My Last Photo’s?

JR sent in this example of “GI Humor” from a forwarded email… perhaps the soldier who created the sign grew up with a “My First Photo’s” album.

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Martin says:

“Photo’s” is one of those words where I’d give the benefit of the doubt, even though it does probably scream “correct me!” to any keen-eyed apostrophe abuse spotter. Technically it’s an abbreviation of “photographs”, much as ” ‘phone” is an abbreviation of “telephone”, but probably better written these days as “photos” and “phone”, which is how I write them.

michael mallows says:

I think you can both be right; but sarah Jean’s point has a tad more validity because the ‘ would not exist if you only write ‘photo’ (unless, of course, you put one at both ends of the word!)

Chris says:

“Photo” is also a word on its own, though.. and I doubt that in the singular form the person who wrote this sign is using photo’. 😉

Sarah Jean says:

But isn’t “photo’s” an abbreviation of “photograph”? Don’t you use an apostrophe when omitting part of a word?