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Have you seen Father’s Love Knives?

April writes in with:

This banner was put up outside this store in Austin, TX, just before Father’s Day and is still up. I’m not sure what Love Knives are (and I am scared to find out) but Father has them.

Thanks April!

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  1. Anonymous says

    oh man…this made me laugh so hard (albeit silently) at work.

  2. Jene says

    i see this every day on my way to work

  3. brinkofacomplex says

    but i think the more pressing issue is the use of the term “knife sharpist”.

  4. who dat says

    Bingo, Brinko! That one jumped out at me also.

  5. Apostrophe Abuse says

    This is a favorite from 2007.

  6. Toby Tucker Hecht says

    April: Shouldn’t it be Fathers’ Day?

  7. Raff Lagatta says

    hahaha! that’s a good one!

  8. Raff Lagatta says

    @ Toby, nope; it is a day for your father only. Similar to Mother’s Day which is a day for only your mother. I can see why people would think this though.

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