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Have you seen Father’s Love Knives?

April writes in with:

This banner was put up outside this store in Austin, TX, just before Father’s Day and is still up. I’m not sure what Love Knives are (and I am scared to find out) but Father has them.

Thanks April!

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Raff Lagatta says:

@ Toby, nope; it is a day for your father only. Similar to Mother’s Day which is a day for only your mother. I can see why people would think this though.

Raff Lagatta says:

hahaha! that’s a good one!

April: Shouldn’t it be Fathers’ Day?

This is a favorite from 2007.

who dat says:

Bingo, Brinko! That one jumped out at me also.

brinkofacomplex says:

but i think the more pressing issue is the use of the term “knife sharpist”.

Jene says:

i see this every day on my way to work

Anonymous says:

oh man…this made me laugh so hard (albeit silently) at work.