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Why cartoon cats shouldn’t teach grammar…

John writes…

Can it get worse? Not only did they replace the plural/possessive S with a Z, but they put the apostrophe in the wrong place. Would “kidz’ meal” have been better? No, I don’t think so. I think this might be one situation where you’re better off just leaving the apostrophe off, if you insist on replacing an S with a Z.

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Roger says:

If you’re going to be pedantic enough to correct someone you should at least make sure that you’re correct.

Dan P. says:

In this case, with the exception of that pathetic ‘yo, I is down with the kidz, innit?’ z, I’m afraid the sign is correct. It is referring to purchases of A kid’s meal rather than kids’ meals, therefore it is in the singular and should have the apostrophe between the d and s (or z!).

Butchieboy says:

Since one child eats one meal, kid is singular. The apostrophe goes before the s. If it were plural, after. Using a z instead of an s is just fucking retardrd.

Maurik says:

The meal beloning to the child.

Except a Z I don’t see much problem, debatable really.

john says:

Hmmm… I suppose that’s true, it could be a singular kid. But my impression of meals of this sort is that they’re identified as meals to be enjoyed by kids, or meals intended for the youthful populace. It’s a kids’ meal. “A kid’s meal” harkens images of a brown bag lunch. Ah well, it’s open for debate. At least they tried.

C. says:

It seems to me that it would be something of a gray area, as one would, presuambly, be purchasing one meal per kid.

That aside, the ‘z’ thing is just annoyingly twee.