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How one’s small mistake cost M&S a small fortune

From This is London:

With its cute message, Marks and Spencer’s sleepsuit was just the thing for a new baby’s first Christmas.

There was only one problem – that bane of grammar-aware shoppers, an unnecessary apostrophe.

The suits have emblazoned across the chest the phrase “Mum’s dreaming of a quiet Christmas just like the one’s she used to know”.

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Karma says:

Anonymous ya moron! It’s “ones” so yes there is a reason it’s on this blog! It does NOT have correction punctuation so go take your “conjuction” somewhere else

Anonymous says:

rrpa, the “cute” phrase has correct punctuation, including use of the apostrophe. It is possessive, not a conjuction.

rrpa says:

That “cute” phrase is so atrocious, I don’t even care about the apostrophe.

Chris says:

“Mum’s” is fine… it’s the “one’s” that’s the problem. 🙂

Mark K. says:

In this case, isn’t Mum’s a contraction for “Mum is”? Or is contracting the word “is” just an American thing?