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Jesus Mother!

“I have just returned from the Good Friday service at The Stations of the Cross,” said Eula Myers as Bubba replaced her windshield wipers at Wade’s Dixieco. “The program booklet told of Jesus suffering, Jesus journey, Jesus mother, Jesus cross, etc. Should this have been Jesus’s?”


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Jon says:

Style guides tend to prefer “Jesus’.” But, personally, I can’t stand to see it written that way. I mean, who actually says “Jesus journeys?”

Jesus ends in a /s/ and therefore should take the full apostrophe-‘s’ ending, in my opinion.

The boys’ room. Fine.
Starbucks’ policy. Great.
The doctors’ party. Spiffing.
Jesus’ mother. Quite ridiculous!

I think Lynne Truss put it quite humorously when she said something to the effect of: do this, this and this, but always make an exception for Jesus.

anya ransuns aka Roxy says:


Some words sound awkward when an apostrophe ‘s’ is added:

Jesus’s disciples.

The accepted form here is to just use the ‘s’ apostrophe:

Jesus’ disciples.

Eve says:


Seriously, how hard is it?

Love your work!