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Roomba misses a spot

“They’re smart enough to make a robotic cleaning droid, but not to use an apostrophe…”

(Thanks, Eli!)

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Chris says:

Great point, anonymous! I updated the site’s description text.

Anonymous says:

Just stumbled upon this blog. Neat site. However, I have to disagree somewhat with your site’s description. Apostrophe misuse is not really a grammatical error, but one related to orthography. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

Anonymous says:

Our tech writer at work nearly gagged when she saw this paragraph. It offended her so egregiously that she rewrote it on the spot:

“Scheduled cleaning: The scheduler can set Roomba to clean at a specified time. This is called “scheduled cleaning mode.” When Roomba is in this mode, the status light blinks amber. Roomba leaves its home base at the specified time, cleans for up to 60 minutes, and then returns to the home base to recharge. “

— Eli