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It’s a common mistake…

…but surprisingly absent from Apostrophe Abuse:

It’s is always a contraction of it is. As a kid I remembered the rule by pretending the apostrophe was a tiny letter i.

(Thanks, Amber!)

By the way, I keep crediting Amber for these submissions when I should really be thanking her mother.

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codeman38 says:

Speaking of Georgia apostrophe abuses, I need to get a photo of the seafood restaurant just outside of Macon with the slogan “Seafood At It’s Best.”

Chris says:

Yes, it’s true!

Sordid Euphemism says:

Or ‘it has’. 😉

anaglyph says:

Ah, apostrophe mangling at it’s most wonderful. Its a pleasure to behold.

Amber says:

Hey! I took a few of ’em (e.g., “neglect is a form of abuse” at the Atlanta Furniture Market)! 🙂 But then my mom got in on the act and now she’s unstoppable. Always a stickler for grammar, that one.

Insert “your mom” joke here.