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Newman-O No…

While the apostrophe in “Newman-O’s” is certainly debateable debatable (in this case it looks like the mint creme filled chocolate cookies belong to the Newman-O) , that apostrophe in “Hint ‘O Mint” should definitely be after the O.

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Chris says:

Ouch! Thanks for pointing it out.

Anonymous says:

Is it still OK to be pedantic when one misspells “debatable”?

Just kidding . . . of course it’s OK!

Levislade says:

Man, I’m totally addicted those things, and I’m a punctuation nazi, and yet I never noticed that. It will haunt me now.

I just found this site. Keep up this important work.

Anonymous says:

But seriously folks, do they test swell?

Chris says:

Maybe “Newman O’s” is an abbreviation for “Newman Oreos”. 😉