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Killer Burger didn’t have a killer copyeditor

Spotted at Killer Burger in Hillsboro, Oregon.

17454916_10212171475351556_718680516_o.jpg (256 KB)

(Thanks, Michele!)

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Del’s Size’s

Apparently there are multiple menu items belonging to Size and Sandwich at Del’s

dels.jpg (630 KB)

(Thanks, Andrew Young!)

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Carved in stone

Seen carved on a sundial for sale at a local Garden Centre. Two opposite errors for the price of one!

Carved in stone.png (605 KB)

(Thanks, Faith Anstey!)

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Federal offense

Our president does not understand how apostrophes work.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 11.13.01 AM.png (821 KB)

(Thanks, Holly Armstrong!)

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Employee’s Only at Holiday Inn

This Employee’s Only sign was spotted next to the kitchen door at the Holiday Inn Express near the Denver International Airport on February 11, 2018.

employees-only.jpg (504 KB)

(Thanks, Jonathan H Woolson!)

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Two for the price of one!

A sign advertising a Christmas party features two abuses!

party.jpg (331 KB)

(Thanks, Chris W!)

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Is America Losing Its Way

A tweet by Donald Trump. It’s difficult, even for high IQ graduates of Wharton School of Finance, to use “its” and “it’s” properly.

donald.PNG (65 KB)

(Thanks, Denise!)

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Which one is it? Or it’s?

This is in every Bandanas restaurant in the country.

bandana.JPG (57 KB)

(Thanks, Tom Guelker!)

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The great Irish education system

This sign is outside a school in County Roscommon, Ireland.

IMG_20160528_122415.jpg (195 KB)

(Thanks, Diane!)

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Iv’e Seen This in Florida

This was an ornament I recently saw at a gift shop in Myakka River State Park, in Florida.

sunshine.jpg (72 KB)

(Thanks, NorthWind!)

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