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US Army apostrophe abuse. Don’t worry though; I fixed it.

The LONG wait through army medical processing isn’t made any easier with rampant abuse like this all over the place.

11155128_10153341935183324_5597877287063357428_o.jpg (181 KB)

(Thanks, Timm!)

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One of the Safest City’s

Seen on a police display case

Simi_Police_Window.png (234 KB)

(Thanks, Gary Ansok!)

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Free Lollipop & Balloon for Kid’s

On a sign outside a restaurant.

image.jpg (463 KB)

(Thanks, Chris W!)

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Armed With An Apostrophe

Outside the DeWitt County, Illinois Courthouse and Jail in Clinton, IL.

image1.JPG (137 KB)

(Thanks, Max!)

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Doubletree Hotel art

Stayed at the Doubletree Hotel at Lex and 51st recently and was surprised the artwork hadn’t been better vetted…

image.jpg (568 KB)

(Thanks, Amy!)

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Ah, Tradition

An historical plaque on the grounds of the University of Tampa. Cast in quite permanent bronze! Forever!

IMG_1138 copy.JPG (1017 KB)

(Thanks, John Panning!)

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Skype for Business Contact’s

Even the big corporations can do it. The latest shiny software from Microsoft has an inappropriate apostrophe in the Quick Tips

Skype Quick Tips.PNG (295 KB)

(Thanks, Stuart Ridout!)

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All fire’d up

Blaze Pizza’s slogan! Good pizza, bad logo.

Blaze Pizza logo.png (44 KB)

(Thanks, Claudia!)

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World Champion’s

Found in a woodworking shop. “Dishe’s” is particularly awesome.

unnecessary.jpg (46 KB)

(Thanks, Jeremy Holler!)

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Huevo Makes Some Great Rancheros!

A menu in Louisiana, probably typed up by someone who doesn’t know a single bit of Spanish…

menu.jpg (57 KB)

(Thanks, Simone!)

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