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Loser’s Sometimes Win

(Thanks, Lydia!)

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Spa’s & Saunas

If it’s spelled with one vowel, it needs an apostrophe. If it’s spelled with more than one, it does not. What is it about this that’s so hard for you to understand??

From San Mateo, California on a very busy main drag.

Spa's.jpg (142 KB)

(Thanks, Kevin F!)

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This pavement board stopped me in my rush to get to a meeting! And the two girls sitting next to it couldn’t work out what the problem was. I guess the apostrophe indicates that the ‘e’ is omitted.

Lunchs.jpg (357 KB)

(Thanks, David!)

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Let’s Trade Key’s

Emails promo from my VW dealer.

_20140919_135802.JPG (135 KB)

(Thanks, Michael!)

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No Photo’s, No Bee’s

Found in Gardiner, WA.

2014-09-07 11.37.51 cropped.jpg (982 KB)

(Thanks, chubbles!)

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I believe the author was smashed.

apostrophied.png (142 KB)

(Thanks, Sherry!)

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Apostrophe Abuse and More at Walmart

The last I heard, apostrophes shouldn’t be used to make a plural. I do believe, however, that a hyphen is called for in “walk-ins.” Lastly, isn’t “walk-ins accepted” a better way to say “walk-ins available?”

Walmart apostrophe.jpg (304 KB)

(Thanks, Doug!)

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Advice on gift’s

I came across this sign on my local rail network in Liverpool, England, UK, a University town! How ironical! One of my many questions for this sign is why is there no apostrophe in the word “sweets”?


(Thanks, Eve Jane Davies!)

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School is Calling all Dad’s…Calling all Dad’s

Unfortunately, this is from my children’s school. I have offered many times to help write and edit content coming from this school and have been told that my help is not needed (I am a lowly professional technical writer, not an all-knowing academic, so my opinions and offers of help are considered beneath them). Well, now it’s time for a public shaming.

Apostrophe abuse email.jpg (133 KB)

(Thanks, Audra!)

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Each apostrophe abused cost’s readers hours of anguish…

I’m glad I wasn’t driving behind this bus.

10754825_10153292122928747_285360010_n.jpg (74 KB)

(Thanks, Mikey!)

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